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Breakthrough Homeschooling was born out of our observation that this generation will need modern tools and updated concepts in order for their education to be relevant and helpful for the future.

This course, Crafting a Thriving High School Experience..., is geared to help you do just that with your teen!

  • We'll begin by clearing up some common myths about handling the high school years at home so that you'll be approaching them with a great attitude and open mind and heart.

  • Next, we'll take our first bite of the elephant by looking at 5 crucial considerations regarding teaching high school at home...one at a time.

Feel free to go through the lessons slowly, or even repeat a section, if you need to spend some more time there before moving on. As with homeschooling, the beauty of these courses is that you can progress at your own pace!

  • I'll be ending the course by giving you a possible glimpse of the "end of the journey" by sharing with you a very special essay written by my oldest daughter for a class she had in college.

I hope you'll be as inspired and encouraged by it as I was!

  • The bonus material section of the course contains the forms and templates that will be referred to in the course, as well as links to other helpful information, and discount codes to some of the products we'll be talking about. Don't feel obligated to use any of them, however. I'm including them for you in case you feel they'll work with your style of teaching and/or organization.

  • Throughout the course, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the Comment section below each section, in order that other students might benefit from the information.

(Also please note that I reserve the right to delete any questions or comments that are offensive, off-topic, or just plain ugly! "Ain't nobody got time for that!")

OK, you ready?! Let's get started by renewing our minds, and dispelling any of these common myths about homeschooling through high school!